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        Jiahe JH18 series of small excavator, the action is flexibleand convenient, can enter the small basement, small vegetable shed, narrowalley and all reached the total width of location of construction of a meter, amulti-purpose machine assembly models, hammer and other accessory, greatlyimproving the production efficiency. The machine is very low in oil consumptioncontrol, only less than ten yuan per hour, reduce the cost of your use. Tai'anJiahe heavy industry has more than twenty years of production experience,professional mechanical designer team, after several years of productionexperience, and market feedback information to improve the products, maximizethe user experience. Suitable for farming, gardening, orchard ditchingfertilization, small earthwork engineering, municipal engineering, road repair,basement and interior construction, concrete crushing, underground cables, tapwater pipe laying, garden cultivation and river dredging project and otherrivers work environment,



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